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Своими фотографиями я хочу чтобы зритель увидел мир другими глазами. Что-то, что кажется скучным и серым с первого взгляда может превратиться в современное произведение искусства если посмотреть сквозь линзы объектива.


What dreams are made of

It's not often I happen to find skyscrapers that look like they're transparent to this extent. What if these clouds hadn't been playing along when I passed the building on my little walk? Maybe they're always cooperating with photographers. I don't know. I'm just happy I had my batteries charged for a dreamy day in The Big Apple.

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No sleep till Brooklyn

The famous song "No sleep till Brooklyn" by The Beastie Boys hasn't got that much to do with Brooklyn itself. Still, I was singing this song to myself when taking this photo of a famous landmark that's usually not depicted from this beautiful side but from straight up when walking across it to the other side.

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Love sees no color

We all have a color that we can relate to, that we like or dislike more than another. I like a good mixture of a little bit of everything, because life becomes more varied and interesting that way. There will always be a color in this photo that suits your mood for the day and make you happy. Remember: Life is beautiful, just add color.

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Concrete Jungle

Walking around all alone on a Sunday morning among the office and bank buildings scraping the skies, I felt like a little ant. The buildings were intimidating and anonymous, but still beautiful. I felt calm and safe although I was in another country, another city and another world. I felt free, and that's a wonderful feeling.

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