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Wallpaper Mural Happy New York
"First, there is a wall that would be nice with a new wallpaper, then someone of the family likes urban designs with many tall buildings and another wants a panoramic view. Easily, we select a photo wallpaper! Then suddenly a third member of the family says "I want color, a lot of color", and suddenly the choice of wallpaper becomes more difficult. Maybe I am the one who can resolve the family dispute with a happy city - Happy New York, where I have combined graffiti in bright colors, some lovely and airy clouds with New York. For the person that likes a more rough and tough feeling and do not want a lot of color, I have also done a view of N.Y. with clouds on concrete - see Article R12661, Concrete New York. "
Johanna Ek, designer
Wallpaper Inspiration
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Wallpaper Mural Steel
"This design has its beginning in a project with Friskis&Svettis in Borås, where they searched for a wallpaper that would fit in a large room with an industrial feel. This resulted in the design Steel, which is constructed of large slabs of metal with scratches and rust which gives a rough and tough feeling. It really adds character to a room and it will be easy to decorate to it. Steel is a great wallpaper, but looks good no matter how you prune it. "
Johanna Ek, designer
Wallpaper Inspiration
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Wallpaper Mural Mixed Tape
If you grew up in the 80s you will certainly remember your Walkman and all the tapes. Those who were young in Sweden at that time and loved music where reading the paper Okay and listened to the radio show Tracks on Saturdays to hear the music charts and the latest news in music. In order to save your favorite songs you pressed Play on your taperecorder and tried to turn it off in time before Kaj Kindvall started talking. Then the CD came and all the old tapes and "mixtapes" was forgotten. Now we have revived the memory of them in the wallpaper Mixed Tape, and sweet music arises when the memory brought to life by both color and shape.
Rebel Wall
Design Inspiration From The 80's
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